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Job Description: Production Supervisor and Team Leader – Level I (Full Time or Part Time – 24 hrs.)

This entry level production supervisor role plays a key role in helping Heartland Industries fulfill its mission of providing safe, meaningful, and dignified employment opportunities to adults with developmental disabilities. The production supervisor works closely with a team of individual workers on various packaging and assembly projects from start to finish. This is a “working” supervisor position which entails providing training, direction, motivation, and discipline as well as being an active participant in the production process. Depending upon the project process, a supervisor can expect to be standing and/or moving about the production floor for the majority of each day’s shift. Additionally, the supervisor is responsible for ensuring the team’s quality of work, accuracy of counts, and job paperwork. Lifting of up to 25 pounds may at times be necessary. The supervisor is encouraged to bring creative thinking to the role being always mindful of better, more efficient ways of improving processes and completing projects for the benefit of both the workers and Heartland’s customers. Individual initiative in this regard is welcomed and encouraged. After the plant workers depart, supervisors ensure their work area is safe and clean, paperwork for the day’s job is complete and accurate, and everything necessary for the start of the following day is in order. Additionally, after the plant workers depart, supervisors may be tasked with production activities as needed by Heartland’s customers and at the direction of senior production management until the supervisor shift ends. Supervisors ensure that the plant employees follow Heartland’s guidelines for safe work practices and for respectful interaction with other employees and management. The supervisor is responsible for clearly written documentation of any accident, injury, or disciplinary referral within their work area. The supervisor may also be called upon to escort a team to an off-site work venue. A Heartland vehicle will be provided for transporting the workers to and from the venue. While at the venue, the supervisor has the same duties detailed above as it relates to worker oversight. Supervisors are expected to participate in the off-site production process as team leader in the same manner as they do at Heartland’s facility.

Supervisor Full Time Shift Hours: Mon – Fri 7:30 AM to 4 PM

Supervisor Part Time Shift Hours: Flexible but not to exceed 29 hours per week. (Note: employee
benefits for part time employees are restricted. Inquire for details.)

Key Qualifications:

  • Commitment to Mission – Heartland Industries is both a business and a service organization. Our mission is to provide safe, meaningful, and dignified employment to adults with developmental disabilities. This is our north star and guides all that we do.
  • Dependability and Reliability – daily on-time arrival with minimal unexcused or unplanned absences. Reliable transportation to and from Heartland required.
  • Team Player – ability to work in collaboration with plant employees and staff.
  • Patience – respect for and flexibility with plant employees who have communication challenges.
  • Growth Attitude – desire to learn and grow to continuously improve Heartland’s ability to better fulfill our mission to its employees and its customers.
  • Education – High school degree or GED.
  • Pre-Employment Screening – ability to pass background check and drug testing.

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Aimee Davis, Global Marketing Communications Manager, Solutia Inc.​

“Proficient, dependable and cost-effective are three ways that best describe working with Heartland Industries. Heartland has proven to be a trusted partner for our shrink wrap and packaging needs and we’re eager to work with them on future developments.”

Glen McDonald, President, McDonald Publishing Company​

“For over 20 years, McDonald Publishing Company has maintained a working relationship with Heartland Industries. Heartland has provided assembly services for a variety of our products and we also receive pre-assembled products from them on a weekly basis. We have found Heartland Industries to be extremely accurate and reliable. What they say will happen does happen in a timely manner. Our association with Heartland Industries has been instrumental to the growth of McDonald Publishing Company as a publisher of educational materials and we look forward to a continued relationship with the staff and workers at Heartland.”