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Job Description: Production Employee – (Full Time or Part Time)

Production employees engage in a variety of meaningful and rewarding work tasks. Both full and part time employment opportunities are available for adults with disabilities. Heartland provides a safe, comfortable, fun, and stimulating work environment in the heart of south St. Louis County which allows each employee to achieve his/her fullest potential and highest level of satisfaction. To be eligible for employment at Heartland candidates must meet the following criteria:

Have a documented developmental disability diagnosed before the age of 22. This includes intellectual disability, cerebral palsy, epilepsy, head injury, autism, or a learning disability related to brain dysfunction, as well as other mental or physical impairments or combination of mental/physical impairments.

  • Certified by the Missouri Division of Vocational Rehabilitation and the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education as workshop eligible.
  • Must be 18 years of age or older. Must be independent in self-care needs and able to self-administer medications if necessary.
  • Free of aggressive behaviors. Demonstrate the ability to follow safety measures and complete work tasks in a group setting.
  • Demonstrate the ability to work a 6-hour day, multiple days a week. (8 AM to 2:30 PM)

Individuals interested in employment are encouraged to contact Karen Trower, Employment Specialist, at 314-487-7200, ext. 117, or via email at, to schedule an interview and a facility tour. You can also fill out our Contact Form.

Transportation options can also be explored during the meeting.


Interested in joining our team? Please call us at 314-487-7200 or fill out our Contact Form.

Kristin Casey, Promotions Manager, St. Louis Cardinals​

“The St. Louis Cardinals have teamed with Heartland Industries for an assortment of packing, re-packing and labeling projects. Each job has been delivered to the Cardinals on time and thoroughly completed with zero defects. Heartland Industries has earned the trust of the St. Louis Cardinals with consistency and results.”

Larry Craig, Production Manager, Pentecostal Publishing House

Three years ago we changed the paradigm of how we did work “in-house.” Almost all of our equipment was sold off and most all of our employees were let go. It was my responsibility to find someone who would be able to do the work we did in-house somewhere else. After seeking out several possibilities to do all of our handwork (gathering of multiple pieces into one packet), we decided to go with Heartland Industries here in St. Louis, Missouri. That was three years ago and the last three years have been very pleasant working with the staff at Heartland Industries. Every job they have done for us has been done correctly and has always come in on the date requested. I would highly recommend Heartland Industries to any of my business partners without hesitation. I also like the idea that the money we spend is going to help those that are not able to do what they want to do, but with Heartland Industries, they can become a very important part of the workforce. May God bless them!”