Heartland Industries' Capabilities

Our proficiency is the result of experience in providing business services since 1974.  Listed below are our primary capabilities but we're always open to discussing custom work for our clients.

Packaging - Products that are hung, shelved and placed in a point-of-purchase display can be packaged by Heartland Industries. ​

Shrink Wrapping - Heartland Industries is capable of shrink wrapping thousands of products per day which in turn protects against dust and marring.

Assembly - Items such as binders, manual and sample kits can be assembled using screws, arbor presses, glue punch presses and rivets.

Fulfillment - Heartland Industries is an industry leader in fulfilling pick/pack orders and provides access to a nationwide delivery system.​

FDA and Board of Pharmacy Certified - Heartland Industries is registered with the FDA and Board of Pharmacy.  This certification enables Heartland to perform pharmaceutical and food-related re-packaging assignments and ship across the United States.​

Labeling - Labels of varying size can be applied to cartons, bottles, bags, folders, books and envelopes.  Custom bar code labels along with on demand, thermal transfer labels that are UV, smear and scratch proof are also available.

Inserting - Materials in a mixture of shapes and sizes can be inserted in boxes and bags.  Automated insertion with a mailcrafter 9800 edge series inserter also available.

Folding - Folding various objects and materials can be performed on an automated MBO folder which is capable of folding up to 11 x 17 with scoring and perfing capacity.

Glue Application - Applications including but not limited to hot melt glue, padding glue, bottle and drum glue.

Drilling - Mechanical drilling with a single and 3-hole drill press into paper, wood and metal.

Storage - Pallet racking storage in a secure, climate-controlled environment is available at Heartland Industries Green Park facility.  Heartland Industries' inventory tracking and management system ensures an accurate count on our customers' inventory.

Mailing Services - ​ For jobs that cannot be automated, Heartland Industries has extensive experience with hand insertion and mailers of atypical size and proportion.

UPS and Fed-Ex - Full service and daily pick-ups are available for UPS, Fed-Ex Ground and Next Day Air.

Pick-up and Delivery - With our 24' box truck and our new extended roof cargo van, Heartland Industries offers full pick-up and delivery services for the needs of our customers.​

Heartland Industries Truck
Heartland Industries' 24' box truck


Pallet Racking Storage
Pallet racking storage


Box Insertion
Hand insertion on individual boxes


Cutlery Packs
Completed cutlery packs


Detailed hand assembly
Detailed hand assembly.


books lined up for shrink wrap
Books aligned for the shrink tunnel


shrink wrap at work
Shrink wrap tunnel


completed shrink wrapped books
Stacking the completed shrink product on a pallet


precision drilling
Precision drilling


FDA certified room
Re-packaging/FDA Department